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The world of academia is vast and sometimes unreliable. These scholars, their blogs and other academic resources will show you the best of education and emerging thoughts on education reform. Crank up your RSS feeder and never miss out on a vital piece of academic information again.

General/High-School or Lower Grades

1. BlogScholar – Whatever your academic field or interests are, this site’s got you covered. It features different blog scholars from different subjects, dishes about publishing, and can even be followed on Twitter.

2. ProTeacher Community – This colorful site is for those who teach anything between kindergarten and 8th grade. It offers message boards, online meetings rooms, great downloads and awesome advice for all subjects.

3. Students of the World – From grade school through college, this site is all about finding students pen pals in different countries. Publish a blog, contact your pen pal via e-mail or snail mail, join clubs of like-minded people, and more.

4. Experiential Education Portal – The Experiential Education Portal is…well…a portal, to sites covering all aspects of teacher’s lives. Entertaining blogs, articles on technology and teaching, educational research articles, and other awesome links.

5. Education Week – This is the online version of the magazine Education Week. It tackles issues facing teachers, from shifts in pedagogies to slashes in the budget and everything in-between.

6. – It’s all about the world of K-12 teaching with this straightforward site. Peruse classifieds for jobs, download lesson plans, participate in online discussions, and more.

7. Edutopia – Edutopia sponsors a series of teachers blogs that discuss all educational topics, from “defanging the F grade” to “how to become more tech savvy.” Additionally, it provides access to special reports, awesome videos, and development ideas for students and teachers alike.

8. Science Fair Project Resources – Like the name implies, this site is for the science-minded to get their creative juices flowing. Choose from over 900 projects, read the Science Buddies blog, and scope out the teaching resources to keep your young scientists learning.

9. ProTeacher Directory – Here’s another site with a little bit of everything for teachers. Get tips on lesson planning, classroom management, child development, and subject-specific tips for teaching.

10. Teacher Leaders Network – When the aliens land, why take them to the leader when you can be the leader? This site offers searchable archives of advice for teachers, informative blogs, the latest in teaching news, and more.

11. Effective Teaching – “Effective Teaching” is a great blog that’s updated monthly with teaching advice of all stripes. Tips include the coaching tips that can make you a better teacher, first day of school tips, using rubrics, and other helpful tricks.

12. Building Excellence Together – The blog is located in the Cayman Islands, but their “global reputation” transcends them in their quest to boost the educational system. Entries include work anecdotes, info about upcoming school competitions, student awards, and more.

13. To Try to Teach to Wonder – There’s a lot of morbid humor here that teachers can appreciate. Topics range from the trials of education to teaching with technology to the world’s dimmest cheaters.

14. Teach Effectively – This specific site offers “evidence-based teaching methods for helping students who are at risk for school failure or who have disabilities.” To this effect is offers helpful links, insightful commentary, and controversial stances on the notion of multiple intelligences.

15. The Education Wonks – There’s K-12 wisdom in abundance with this great site. Tips range from simple activities for those spare minutes in class to the effectiveness of standardized tests.


16. Critical Mass – The focus of this blog is on fixing the problems with higher education—before they reach critical mass and explode. The blog touches on many topics, from politics to thoughtful quotes to the use of metaphor in everyday life.

17. Graduate School – As you may have guessed, it’s all about graduate school with this collection of advice. Whether you need to know how female-friendly academia is, the perils of tenure track life, or even negotiating a long-distance marriage, this site’s got what you need.

18. Academic Productivity – With the echoes of “publish or perish” still following us into the 21st century, boosting research skills is never a bad thing. This site offers tips, tricks, and technology to shape you into a better researcher.

19. Technology Solutions for Teaching and Research – It’s all about technology and teaching with this straightforward resource. Read about how less is more with Powerpoint, the art of the technological presentation, and the implications of group collaboration.

20. Techsophist – What do more and more digital spaces mean to us in the real world? That’s the question asked and at least partially answered by this cool Technology/Writing scholar and veteran blogger.

21. Higher Education News from the Collegiate Way – Here’s a healthy heaping of academic news from all around the world, in one convenient site. News items include graduate student welfare, reading recommendations, the possibility of charter colleges, and more.


22. The Kept-Up Academic Librarian – The title of this quirky blog refers to its mission: helping out academic librarians keep up with all the happenings in higher education. The no-frills posts concern topics such as how tech-proficient students really are, the effects of the economy on vocational school enrollment, and the opening of international college branches.

23. American Revolution Blog – Interested in the American Revolution, American colonization, or just early American history in general? Then check out this media-friendly history site ideal for students and teachers alike.

24. Early Medieval Art – For those teaching or researching early medieval art, this site is a goldmine. It touches on issues of university art museum conservation, newly discovered works, new methods of learning, and more.

25. Art(h)ist’ry – Art history is the focus of this site, which features news and images from around the world. Subjects on the blog range from the healing powers of art to the aesthetic of California garages.

26. The View From Kalamazoo – For those interested in medieval literature and history, this site has quite a bit to offer. Info on upcoming conferences, the use of technology for research, and a lot of quirky humor are all just a click away.

27. Confessions of a Young Professor – These “confessions” mostly concern the human side of English teachers—the one that gets angry at students not showing up, that hates doing the reading even more than they do, and that is discovering the Zen aura of the hastily-prepared lesson plan. It provides a great look into the awkward, often humorous life of a young professional.

28. Academic Sandbox – The blog of an English PhD student, this sandbox has plenty of room in which to play. It dishes on teaching ESL, academic conference Tweets, the tribulations of putting a CV together, and more.

29. Keywords for American Cultural Studies – Representing the book of the same name, this site focuses on the academic buzzwords associated with American cultural studies. Read about the making of the book, browse excerpts regarding the keywords themselves, and immerse yourself in the cultural dialogue.

30. Literature Compass Blog – Despite its focus on literature, the primary focus of this blog is on issues concerning all of academia. Whether it’s the debate over what constitutes a scholarly journal or the notion of canon in the classroom, this site keeps you informed.

31. New York Philosopher – Here’s your dose of philosophical wisdom, New York style. The blogger examines the notion of career paths, the Zen of music, and thoughts on modern day irony.

32. Objectivist v. Constructivist v. Theist – What does every academic need to have in their arsenal? A no-holds-barred rhetorical struggle between Objectivism, Constructivism, and Theism, with lots of references to current events.

33. Observations on film art and Film Art – Did you get your film in my art, or did I get my art in your film? This blog explores film art from every angle, and serves both as a wonderful research tool and a resource for great film recommendations.

34. Quod She – In some ways, this blog represents a vision of the academic dream: the blog of an English professor who recently published a book to great acclaim, and secured tenure. Follow her in-depth posts as she asks herself the scariest question of all: what now?

35. Varieties of Unreligious Experience – If you placed photo essays, literature, religion, and academia in a blender, it might look something like this. This site focuses primarily on early modern literature, but brings humor and insight into a vast array of fields.

36. A. Lincoln Blog – Think you know Honest Abe? Think again. With the help of this historian and Lincoln scholar, you’ll learn about Lincoln’s farming, his clashes with the Supreme Court, and other events almost as awesome as his beard.

37. Blogging the Renaissance – Whether you like pretty pictures or pretty words (hopefully both), this site’s got you covered. There are summaries of renaissance conferences, an online reading group, and great photos that help bring Europe to life.

38. The Cranky Professor – The blog has a simple motto: “You type, and I tell you why 4,500 years of written history shows you’re wrong. “ In addition to examining ancient texts, the self-proclaimed cranky prof digs into common events, politics, academic life, and more.

39. English Eclectic – While “eclectic” is sometimes just an old world self-proclamation on par with calling yourself “random,” this gay, Catholic, Democratic Socialist English Historian has certainly earned the title. The observations span America and England, and touch on, unsurprisingly, religion, politics, homosexuality, and the occasional mixing therein.

40. Medieval Crusades – This site brings to life an ancient world that might as well be alien to modern readers: prolonged, bloody ideological conflicts between Christianity and Islam. Covering Byzantine history, the Crusades, and the Middle Ages at larger, this site is a great way to kill anywhere between a few minutes to a few months.

41. World War II History – An all-around archive for World War II, this page has all manner of media concerning the greatest war. Posters, audio clips, photos, news articles—it’s all here, in one research-friendly format.

42. The Victorian Peeper – Though it sounds like a British bodice-ripper, “The Victorian Peeper” is actually an awesome examination of 19th-century England. Get the low-down on Darwin, Big Ben, Victorian media, and more.

43. The Excluded Middle – What implications do Philosophy and Ethics have on us in the 21st century? This simple site explores those issues with analogies, humor, and logic.

44. Mumblings of a Platonist – Nothing quite like a hot summer with Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and the rest of the gang. This Philosophy site is a boon to any academic as it touches on translation, interpretation, and scholarship—the three pillars of Philosophy.

45. Dial "M" for Musicology – Whether you study music or just love it, this site’s got something for you. It digs into musical hooks, differing genres, and even the concept of music as a genome.

46. Musical Perceptions – Find the musical perceptions in every person and thing with this groovy blog. Discover cultural research on music, the tonal pitch space of your favorite musicians, how DJs differentiate tonics, and more.

47. Renewable Music – While renewable energy may still be around the corner (possibly a block or two), renewable music is here right now. Topics include the musical codes embedded in the works of Samuel Beckett, great journals for music research, free scores available online, and other great items.

48. Smarter Music – For academics and musicians alike, “Smarter Music” has something to make you…well…smarter. Get the low-down on composing, the sex lives of musicians, and the future of collaborative media.

49. America’s Young Theologian – It’s tough being a young theologian in an increasingly bitter, atheistic world. For academics, philosophers, and theologians, this site delves into the implications of God/spirituality in the realms of politics, medicine, and movies.

50. Better Bibles Blog – Despite the many translations of the Bible, this blogger feels that we still haven’t gotten it quite right. Join along with his linguistic adventures and uncover the research and wisdom that might just decode the wisdom of God.

51. Just This Side of Heresy – What does it mean to be “just this side of heresy?” Denying Calvinism and original sin, rejecting fire and brimstone messages, and instead spreading the good word of God’s spirit. For academic, the forays into modern theology are as interesting as the modern day creative writing parables are entertaining.

52. Slave of the Word – All scholarly aspects of the Bible are explored on this thorough blog. Dig into dissertations on tithing, teaching religious classes, religious literature, and more.

53. Theologies – If you’ve been looking for some “theology for normal people,” then you’re definitely in the right spot. Offering something for academics and non-academics alike, the site’s goal is to parse the complicated wisdom of, say, Aquinas into a format we can all appreciate.

54. Thoughts On Antiquity – This site combines academic antiquity news with breaking news in the world of theology. Read about the oldest Christian Bible, calls for theology-related conferences, and reviews of the latest literature concerning antiquity.


55. The Becker-Posner Blog – Do you like your academic blog with a side of economics? This blog examines economic issues affecting America, with a particular eye towards how they affect universities—the decline in endowments, and so on.

56. Biocurious – If you’ve ever wanted to look at biology through the eyes of physicists, now’s your chance. In addition to pontificating on science, this site digs into the death of the printed journal, the risks and rewards of defending your thesis, and offers some amazing photos of the natural world.

57. Econ Academics Blog – There’s no time like the present to research solutions to our failing economy. This meta-blog site links to a variety of economic bloggers, giving you a multitude of perspectives.

58. Bioethics Discussion Blog – It’s all about participating with this in-depth bioethics site. It features over 700 topics (ranging from the legality of DNA testing to the morality of eugenics), with room for you to leave comments on all of them.

59. Women’s Bioethics Blog – Focused on women’s bioethical issues and fueled by scholars and policy analysts the world over, this site is like no other. This great site reviews the latest literature, cutting-edge research, the intersection of politics and values, and other awesome topics.

60. Ethical Technology – What challenges does evolving technology pose to ethics? This site, comprised of multiple bloggers, seeks to answer questions of cyberwarfare, the necessity of further space exploration, the morality of “anti-aging” and other tantalizing topics.

61. Abandoned Footnotes – Ever wanted to read over your professor’s shoulder? This is the blog of a Political Science lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, and deals greatly with the wisdom of ancient Greeks, the power of symbols, and more.

62. Time to Eat the Dogs – Unlike the end of that one Twilight Zone, the punchline of “Time to Eat the Dogs” is not that it’s a cookbook. Rather, this blogger serves man with posts dedicated to science and exploration, and explains myths and science with verve and style.

63. Cognitive Daily – How do we learn what we learn? That’s the focus of this neuroscience blog that offers thoughts on how movies, media, and music affect memory and learning.

64. Advanced Studies – Another great neuroscience blog, this site ponders many possibilities for cognitive research. There’s thoughts on augmented cognition, new literature concerning cognition, and even the future of innovation for America.

65. Not Even Wrong – Though it may sound like a rejected manuscript from James Patterson, “Not Even Wrong” is an amazing physics blog. Discussions include quantum theory, Dirac Cohomology, and string theory.

66. Swans On Tea – It’s not every day you find a mixture of physics, technology, and humor, but this is one of those days. This physics blog delves into the definition of a scientist, approximate numerical solutions, and the dangers of the fast food mafia.

67. Watered Down Physics – Sometimes hard physics can be a bit like hard liquor: it goes down a lot easier after the ice has melted some. Enter this physics blog from a non-physicist, which details symmetry, the physics of football, easy ways to solve equations, and more.

68. Union Street – Union Street is where sociology, education, politics, and culture all meet. Among other topics, the blog examines military schooling, emerging sciences, and global culture.

69. Rethinking Markets – If the economy can’t fix the stock market, maybe sociology can. That’s the theory behind this blog that discusses everything from academic writing to market regulation.

70. Uncommon Thought Journal – Sociology has fangs with this brutal blog. Topics include big city crime, broken campaign promises, banks misusing bailout money, and more.

71. Dynamics of Cats – Despite the name, the focus of this blog isn’t fuzzy pets but fuzzy stars—it’s an astronomy site. There’s stories, controversy, and more astrophysics news than you can shake a stick at.

72. Bad Astronomy – Like your astronomy with a side of humor? This blogger is just as quick to tell you about the mysteries of the skies as he is to sell you his comic book—Death From the Skies! It’s half-quirky and half-heartfelt, but 100% amazing.


73. Law School Academic Support Blog – This is an all-around amazing support for those in law school, or those considering it. You’ll get info on job opportunities, tips for success in school, and even lyrical tips to help remember the law.

74. Neuroethics & Law Blog – The 21st century presents a unique discussion between ethics and law. This blog delves into the related issues between the two, such as mental health in the criminal justice system, the admissibility of “expert witnesses,” and more.

75. Iconoclasm – It’s a topic buffet on this quirky site, which focuses on “early Christian iconoclasm, late antiquity, archaeology and more.” When not exploring the archaeological wonders of the world, the site engages you in a game called “When On Google Earth,” where you try to identify the archaeological site that Google’s eye in the sky has discovered.

76. Art and Architecture – You know you’re a hardcore academic when there aren’t enough lectures in your life. Enter this site, which provides online lectures concerning everything there is to do with art and architecture.

77. "no words no action" – And now for something completely different. This blog follows the author through the beginning and end of obtaining a Master’s in Architecture degree, allowing you to read the dissertation proposal, selected chapters, and more.

78. Learning Architecture – The focus on this site is on architectural education itself. It offers the perspective and humor of a doctoral student, with commentary on upcoming projects, stupid comments in library book marginalia, and recommended reading.

79. Don’t Forget Your Shovel – In addition to offering unique international views of public policy, this blog offers quirky anecdotes from the author’s life. Whether she’s dishing on ways to motivate yourself to write or just her latest gopher sightings, there’s something guaranteed to make you smile.

80. Iterating Towards Openness – With the goal of educational openness, this blog emphasizes “pragmatism over zeal.” Posts include tribulations from school as well as controversial advice for students, such as the notion that “you are replaceable.”

81. The Stingy Scholar – As the name might tell you, the primary emphasis of this blog concerns money and education. There’s tips on obtaining needed texts cheaply, online educational opportunities for those on a budget, and political decisions affecting education.

82. Chasing the Dragon’s Tale – Networking (social and otherwise) and its impact on education are what’s examined on this slick blog. Follow developments in social networking, educational panels discussing the implications of those developments, and more.

83. Procrastination – True to its name, the focus of this site is on “keeping up with yesterday’s blogging.” When it’s not discussing English and Math academic news, the blog reviews movies, academic-friendly technology, and the need for periodic vacations.

84. iMechanica – Take your tie off and put your gloves on: it’s all about mechanics in this blog. Read about post-doctoral openings, mechanical problems, and exciting mechanical theories.

85. Design Impact – What’s emphasized here is the steps we can take towards ecological sustainability, and the role that academics and education must play in this endeavor. The site discusses fuel prices, the pragmatism of biking to work, engineering breakthroughs, and more.

86. Ars Mathematica – Math is taken to a whole new level with this simple site. Topics include impetus physics, the visualization of the fourth dimension, and even the formula that killed Wall Street.

87. Good Math, Bad Math – With the goal of “finding the fun in good math” and “squashing bad math,” this site provides biting commentary about math and everything related to it. Once you’re done brushing up on chaotic systems and strange attractors, check out his music recommendations, thoughts on healthcare reform, and more.

88. Three-Toed Sloth – This simple math-related site provides humor and awesome info into one tasty package. There are lecture notes and take-home exams, book reviews, reading recommendations, and more.

89. Mind Reader’s Dictionary – Read the unique perspectives of this public policy expert turned commune-living activist turned doctor of evolutionary theory. With this unique lens, he examines politics, rhetoric, the cracks in traditional wisdom, and more.

90. Thoughts of a Neo-Academic – The “neo-academic” in question is a young soon-to-be professor of Psychology. He talks at length about technology affecting psychology, the nature and meaning of the GRE, the future of social media, and more.

91. Looking At Nothing – Representing the online version of this PhD Chemistry research, this blogger will break polymer chemistry down for you. While not updated as often as some other sites, the entirety of this endeavor takes you down the rabbit hole into the fascinating world of chemistry.

92. The Sceptical Chymist – What’s new in the world of chemistry and nature? This site offers interviews of chemists, issues with current science classrooms, Twitter round-ups, and more.

93. A Sibilant Intake of Breath – Why save the cheerleader when you can skip right to saving the world? This blog delves into ecology, offering info on solar plans, carbon emissions, and other world-saving ideas.

94. Broadbanding the Nation – A Government-Business Relations lecturer, this blogger discusses all you need to know about broadband technology. He’ll point you to awesome Youtube clips, news on government struggles with technological expansion, the role of Wikis in policy debate, and more.

95. The Duck of Minerva – It’s all about politics with this awesome blog. No politician is safe, nor any political decision, but this cynical view offers a wealth of information concerning how America works.

96. (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography – Here’s a political blog with a twist: an emphasis on visual rhetoric. In between well-informed critiques of progressive politics are incisive analyses of photography, providing a one-two punch of entertainment.

97. Global Health Ideas – This medical blog has a specific design: it offers a variety of ideas and solutions to provide global health care. In addition to its own advice, there’s a plethora of linked articles giving you a view of this topic spread all over the globe.

98. Biomedicine On Display – Consider this your one and only stop for awesome biomedical news. It offers info on upcoming conferences, the role of technology in affecting social change, the importance of organ donors, and more.

99. Doctor of Journalism – If you think journalism and mass communication don’t affect you, then put that TV in a fire along with your newspapers and books. This doctor of Journalism finds morbid humor in the headlines, thoughts on tabloids, pontifications on the crisis of modern journalism, and other great topics.

100. Thinking With My Fingers – Media studies, reader-response theory and Internet culture are just a few of the topics explored on this cool blog. Posts themselves cover technology news, gaming scoops, and an amazing array of photos.

If this list of 100 best blogs and websites for innovative academics doesn’t make you want to jump up and join the PTA, well, maybe you give it another once over.