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Have you noticed how some people flip through pages that may take hours to read in order to fully comprehend? Have you seen an impressive video of someone turning pages very quickly and claiming they are reading? That could be you. Just visit the top 100 speed reading sites below for techniques, free eBooks, software, videos, courses, and more to help you get started.

Best Ten Sites for Speed Reading

These sites specialize in the art of speed reading and have just about everything you need to know on the topic.

1. Beyond Human: This free webzine explores the limits of human potential and has many tools for speed readers. There are articles, product reviews, and discussion forums that are full of help.

2. Speed Reading Specialist: This site has many tools for the speed reader, including for kids. You can get tips, speed reading online, information on seminars, and much more.

3. Reading Transformations: In addition to the free speed reading tests, they offer a free in house session for organizations. You can also get more information on their online courses for students.

4. Reading Transformations: David Aylwin has taught speed reading to many top organizations across the country. Get more information, or you can sign up for a free trial course.

5. Write Group: Located in New Zealand, they provide many writing resources to their clients. Free stuff from them includes writing tips, a speed reading test, and an eCourse.

6. Speed Reading World: Free resources on this site include a speed reading test and even a forum specifically for the topic. You can also learn more about online courses and private lessons.

7. Study Guides and Strategies: They have a test and tips exclusively for speed readers. You can also get tons of other writing and educational resources on the site.

8. Speed Reading: Get tons of free articles on speed reading by visiting the site. Start with “Different Ways to Learn How to Read Fast,” and then move onto how to not get ripped off, getting the most from courses, and guided reading.

9. The Harris Institute of Speed Reading: Anyone looking for some helpful tips on speed reading in English or French should visit this site. Read the helpful tips, or you can learn about the services they offer.

10. Learning Techniques: This Ivy League professor teaches classes in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. But you don’t have to live in the area to get the many useful tips and articles on the site.

Best Tests to Become a Speed Reader

Test your current speed and improve on it by trying out these free and fun tests.

11. Speed Reader X Review: Get both a speed reading and reading comprehension test for free at this site. They even offer a free speed reading mini course.

12. Free Reading Test: Provided by Ace Reader, there are 13 levels of this test to choose from for children, adults, and advanced readers. Just pick your level and get many reading exercises to choose from.

13. Reading Speed Checks: With several tests to choose from, make time for this site. You can do one for light reading, study reading, and even see why you read slowly.

14. Spreeder: Paste your text or click “spreed” to begin learning how to read faster. There is also a tutorial if you need more help.

15. Speed Reading Test Online: Reading Soft brings you this free test which tells you how many words you read per minute. It also tells you what reading level you are.

16. Study Habits: Click start to read the maximum amount of words as you can, and then click finish to see the results. You can also get a study guide and tactics on this site.

17. Test Engine: This test is unique in that it allows you to paste your own text for reading. You can also adjust the speed with which you would like to try to read it in.

18. How Many Words Per Minute Do You Read?: Mind Bluff lets you know how fast you read in just 60 seconds. Simply click start, begin reading JFK’s inaugural address, and see when the minute is up.

19. Free Online Speed Reading Test: Choose your word count or level and start the test to see where you place. You can also read the free, linked articles for more help.

20. Free Speed Reading Test: Increase your reading comprehension with the help of Short Burst Learning. Click on start, read the text in the window, and then click stop to get your results.

Tests to Become a Better Reader

Speed aside, these tests can allow you to improve your overall reading, gauge where you are, or truly put your speed reading to the test.

21. Reading Comprehension: These are the tests SAT students use to prepare for the exam. Fourteen exams test your ability to understand a passage and answer questions on the basis of what is stated in the passage.

22. Critical Reading Section: Another SAT prep test, you can choose from sentence completions and passage based reading. There are also other related tools on the site.

23. Accuplacer Test Practice: Another exam used by college students, this one also has questions for advanced readers. If too difficult, there is also a basic reading comprehension test.

24. Reading Comprehension Test: After you have taken their speed reading test, Reading Soft recommends this one. Used in conjunction, the tests will help both in speed and comprehension.

25. Practice GED Exam: This test is offered to those who want to complete high school in one test. In addition to the Language Arts section, you can also get practice exams for math, science, and social science.

26. GMAT Verbal Section: The Graduate Management Admission Test is a standard exam given to those looking to go into certain graduate schools. Verbal skills practice offered include critical reasoning, reading comprehension, grammar and sentence structure, and verbal and quantitative sections.

27. Practice Reading Tests: These tests were designed for grade school students to examine their proficiency. There are questions with short or long answers, and you can get help with scoring.

28. Reading Speed and Comprehension Test 1: This test is for speed, comprehension, and the results are analyzed in the Reading Speed Analysis Table. There is also a Test 2 if you enjoy taking this one.

Best Reading to Become a Speed Reader

These articles, blogs, and newsletters were written with the speed reading student in mind.

29. Reading Expert Newsletters: Currently, this site has 22 free newsletters online available to read. They cover everything from vocalization to top ten tips for helping children read.

30. The Literacy Company Articles: Along with their top rated software, you can visit the site for loads of free articles related to speed reading. The top three include myths, the reading process, and the key to enhanced reading skills.

31. Tips and Techniques Newsletter: This newsletter is dedicated to turning you into a speed reader. Just type in your name and email to begin receiving their tips.

32. Rocketreader Newsletters: A powerful speed reading software, their helpful newsletters are available to anyone who wishes to read them. You can also get free resources on critical thinking in reading and improving decision making.

33. Study Habits Blog: Alex helps other students with a number of study guides, including speed reading. Get tips on why and how to do this by checking out his blog.

34. Speed Read Review: A short blog, they post solely on the art of speed reading. You can get tips, secrets, and more by checking it out.

35. Bonnie’s Blog: She is part of Advanced Reading Concepts, which specializes in speed reading. The blog is full of information on the topic, as well as their courses.

36. Mind Perk: Visit here for a ton of free articles on self improvement, including speed reading. You can also check out their books, CDs, downloads, and more.

Best Free eBooks to Become a Speed Reader

Visit these sites to download these free books and some of them even allow reading online.

37. Rapid Reader: The library is an ever growing collection of hundreds of free books created in RapidReader format and available for all sorts of platforms. They also have impressive tips and tricks available as downloads or Rapid Guides.

38. Speed Reading A to Z: This free guide can help you absorb information five times as fast as you do now. Just enter your name and email to receive it instantly.

39. Free Speed Reading eBook: Offered as a speed reading monster course, it is available for only a limited time. Chapters include the most important part of the paragraph, eyesight vs. vision, and the three things to learn anything.

40. Speed Reading Secrets Revealed: Valued at $17.00, you can get a free copy by entering your name and email address. It contains tips and tricks to increase your reading speed instantly.

41. Time Management/ Reading Timer: Simply sign up for announcements from ExecuRead to get this $20 value for free. You can also find other help for speed reading on the site.

42. 7 Steps to Mental Mastery: This book shows you how to use your mind effectively, to achieve whatever you want in life. There are also articles on the site on improving memory and mind shift.

Best Free eBooks to Better Your Reading

Learn how to enjoy reading again or get some help by picking up these free eBooks.

43. On The Art of Reading: This classic by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch was published in 1920 and is still highly regarded today. It is 194 pages and available for free in a variety of forms.

44. The Guide to Reading: Volume 23 of Pocket University’s publication helps students get the most of out their reading. You can read an excerpt without downloading a thing or be the first to add a review.

45. Advanced Memory Techniques: The memory techniques in this eBook show you how to keep all that information in your head. Topics discussed include virtual mindmaps, dates, memorization techniques, and more.

46. Helping Your Child Learn to Read: Whether your child wants to become a speed reader or just needs some help getting motivated, this eBook will show you how. It has useful tips and activities that children and parents can do together.

47. Reading Made Easy for Foreigners: If English is not your first language, this simple story can help you read it better. It is 114 pages long, and you can even read it online without downloading.

Best Articles to Become a Speed Reader

Check out these articles for even more help on becoming a speed reader.

48. 10 Tips to Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension: Richard Feldman is a speed reading expert from Columbia University and shares his ten best tips for speed reading. They include how and when to read, forming a question, and more.

49. Reading Comprehension and Speed Reading Strategies: Provided by Providence College, these easy to follow tips are ideal for those who want to read faster and retain more. You can also get help with learning styles, test taking, and effective notes.

50. Speed Reading Secrets: Jon Rhodes shows you the secrets that paid instructors don’t want you to know. They include the hand, card, sweep, and many more.

51. The Science of Speed Reading: Find tips to help you increase your reading pace on this article. Sciences discussed include phonics, contextual clues, and holistic word recognition.

52. Speed Reading Hand Movement: Just as important as your eyes, speed readers can also train their hands in the practice. Three steps show you how to team both to help your reading go even faster.

53. Three Simple Techniques to Double Your Reading Speed: They include skimming, first sentence reading, and group wording. There are also even a few extra techniques thrown in.

54. More Tips on Speed Reading: Didn’t learn enough from the above? Then read this article to get some of the lesser known tips for speed reading.

Best Games to Become a Speed Reader

Increase your reading speed and more while having some fun by checking out these top speed reading games.

55. Key Words Perception and Speed Reading: Choose from many free games and lessons built for the speed reader. They include mix letters, back words, a cryptogram game, and speed typing.

56. Speed Mnemonic Game: Offered by the same site, the game helps improve your mind concentration and digital mnemonic memory. The game can even analyze your results and make suggestions based on your overall performance.

58. Lumosity: This site specializes in games to improve your mind. You can choose from games for speed, memory, problem solving, and more.

59. Cryptogram Game: This free flash game develops the perceptions of words for speed reading. It crypts a sentence and calls for you to solve it.

Best Free eCourses to Become a Speed Reader

If you need more help, sign up for one or more of these free eCourses to speed up your reading at no charge.

60. Speed Reading Tactics: The experts at ProductivElearn offer a trial course at no charge. You can also get information on other courses, a free test, and loads of articles.

61. Speed Reading and Subvocalization: Offered by Magic Speed Reading, it uses a virtual metronome to help you read faster. There is also a Wide Your Span Eye lesson at no charge.

62. Speed Reader X: Get reviews for all sorts of different speed reading courses and tools by checking out this blog. You can also enroll for a recommended course at no charge.

63. Speed Reading: Provided entirely for free, you can get this speed reading course as a download. It is compatible with both PC’s and mobile devices with Windows.

64. Improve Reading Quickly: They offer a free reading improvement course, as well as other resources at no charge. You can also get help, a consultation, and movies.

65. Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics: She is a leading name in speed reading and offers a free dynamics lesson. You can also visit her site to see why you read slowly or get answers to common questions.

66. Reading Genius: They sell a set of speed reading software on their site. You can also sign up by name and email to receive reading lessons, MP3 files, and coupons.

67. Speed Reading Exercises: Choose from readings skills development or field of sight development on this site. You can also get exercises to supplement these two lessons.

68. Speed This short, free lesson is divided into several sections and is full of tips. You can also choose from a number of paid courses and products.

69. Online Speed Reading Course: Offered by Mr. Kent, this is one of several free courses he offers on various sorts of educational subjects. Just select your desired words per minute to begin.

Best Videos for Speed Reading

70. Free Speed Reading Course: Instructor Paul Nowak of Iris teaches speed reading techniques to students at Ohio State University. Get this free course on YouTube in five parts.

71. Speed Reading Tutorial: Taught by the same instructor as above, this free tutorial helps you understand your current speed and teaches you how to increase it.

72. Speed Reading: Another entry from YouTube, this playlist consists of 46 videos. You can get practice exercises, tips for different levels, and even interviews with experts.

73. How to do Speed Reading Video: If the 1,000 words per minute on this video go too fast, you can click it down to 600. You can also click on linked videos that show you how to increase speed.

74. Speed Reading: This playlist consists of 31 videos on the topic. In addition to the course and tutorial, you can also get help with speed math.

75. EyeQ Advantage: The short video and free session are sure to help you speed up your reading. You can also get more information on their products or sign up to win a free iPod touch.

76. How to Improve Reading Speed: Laura from the Young Writer’s Workshop talks about improving reading speed. The short video gives quick, essential tips on the topic.

77. High School Power Reading: The same instructor from before shows students at this level starting off points for speed reading. It shows how to group words and phrases together to read them more efficiently.

78. Speed Reading Clip: Scroll down the page to get a clip of a speed reading demonstration video. Thirteen year old Beth Jaffee impresses Johnny Carson with her speed reading abilities.

Best Software to Become a Speed Reader

Bring the best in speed reading software to your computer to get even more help with speed reading. Although these softwares are for sale, they all have a free demo or trial period.

79. The Reader’s Edge: This leading software is suitable for anyone ages five and up. It has easy program navigation, detailed lessons, simple exercises, and even a money back guarantee.

80. Ace Reader: With options available for personal, educational, business, or special use, this software is worth a look. You can get help on determining which solution is best or most affordable and the software comes with tons of tools.

81. Rocketreader: With a free, ten day trial, you have nothing to lose by trying it out. It even allows you to access speed reading techniques on live websites and has many resources on the page.

82. Speed Your Read: Get a free demo of this software, along with a free test on the trial basis. If you enjoy it, the price is only $14.95 for a download and it can be accessed by multiple users.

83. Really Easy Reader: This software guarantees that you will double your reading speed in 60 days with its help. There is even a practice exercise right there on the homepage that helps with speed reading.

84. RapidReader: This software is available for Windows, Mac, Palm, and even Nokia. There is even a link to a “Really Fast News” clip to help your reading even more.

85. Stretch: In addition to increasing your reading power, this software also helps with spelling, vocabulary, and typing. For Windows users only.

86. Speed Reading: In addition to the free trial, you can also sign up for their speed reading newsletter. There is also a test and list of bad reading habits.

87. Best Reader: Along with the software as a free demo, visitors can see the reasons for slow reading, get reading exercises, and take the free test.

Best Free Software to Become a Speed Reader

Unimpressed with the above? Then check out these free downloads to help accelerate your reading.

88. Reading Acceleration Machine: This small freeware device presents word-groups sequentially at a pace chosen by the user. It can also be used in different languages.

89. Text Perception: Learn how to read 240 pages in two to three hours with the help of this software. It also allows you to adjust speed during the learning exercises.

90. Flash Speed Reading 2.1: This free download comes with exercises to help you in your speed reading. Available for Windows 98 through XP.

91. Speed Reading Joke: Lear how to eliminate 30% of text with this download. Free flash lessons and a Windows utility will help you do this.

Best Tools for Photo Reading

Speed reading too slow for you? Then learn more about this technique, in which your mind is used like a camera to achieve unbelievable reading speeds.

92. Photo Reading: This is a unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently without speed reading. If you think you can handle 25,000 words per minute, give this site a visit.

93. PhotoReading Whole Mind System Reading Program: Get information on how photoreading works, who can benefit from it, and their seminars. You can also order a free CD-Rom with more information.

94. PhotoReading: Steve Pavlina gives a review and introduction to this technique. You can also get a video or booklet as a free download.

95. PhotoReading: An Introduction: Pete Bissonette is the president of Learning Strategies. He gives an introduction, along with tips, on photoreading.

96. Photoreading My First Book: Ravi Raman ordered a photoreading kit and reviews the results. See how it turned out, or get more tips on setting higher standards.

Best Specialty Sites for Speed Reading

These sites have a particular area of speed reading in mind.

97. Photographic Memory: This course can also provide you with the tools to read at 25,000 words per minute. They have extensive information on what they do, and there are three free different helpful audio files to choose from.

98. Rev It Up Reading: Get an array of tools for speed reading under the Freebies & Tips section of this website. They also have help for email and time management.

99. Productive Learn: Visit here to get information on accelerated learning, memory improvement, mastering information overload, and even speed reading. You can get many free tips or order one of their products.

100. Hypnotic Writing: Use this software to unlock the power of your unconscious mind. It sells for $99, has a money back guarantee, and is ideal for anyone who does lots of writing in their job.

If you are someone who loves to read, has a ton of unread books on their shelves, is a student with too little time, or a freelancer looking for ideas, you can find tons of resources, tools, and tips on these top 100 speed reading sites.